Wilson Promontory

5 days around new year 2010/2011

A fantastic trek from beach to beach, passing through jungles and coastal mountans, on the southernmost tip of mainland Australia.



Sara, Andrew & Vittoria






A break from hiking


Every beach on the trail was a white paradise beach, except for this one, which was full of dead (and interesting) animals


A decapitated seal


"Blades of Glory" on the beach




A cool island


Campsite in the jungle.
Some sounds just outside the tent woke me up in the middle of the night. I lit my headtorch, just to be face-to-face (2 dm or so) with an opossum, with only a net separating us. I got a bit startled :)


Funny tree with a haircut


We saw some wallabies near the firehouse


Skull rocks


Skull rocks


A bleeding tree


Very cool trees in the rainforest


Enjoying the sun and clean air


A cloud got stuck on the small island


The second (small) beach is where we pitched our tent and celebrated new year :)


A perfect place to spend new year's day :)


Preparing for a new year swim


A "Blue Tongue" lizard


Rosella bird




Resting at a beach. The next day it was 1 meters deep water here.


Nice bird at the campsite


High tide forced us to wade through deep water


We saw wombat tracks on this beach