Vålådalen & Gåsen

Sweden (Jämtland province)
27-31 of March, 2013

Tour skiing through the Jämtland mountains and camping out in the snow.

Day 1: Vålådalen - Stensdalen


Stensdalen hut


Day 2: Stensdalen - Gåsen


Sylarna massif in the distance






The Gåsen hut and Helags massif in the background.
After ascending the whole day, we finally got to slide downhill for a while :)


Camping next to the Gåsen hut. Helags massif in the background.


The toilet during sunset


Gåsen hut




Last rays of sun


Lena prepared for a cold night, with down clothes.
She reminded me of someone... :)


Day 3: Gåsen - Vålåstugorna


Last view of Sylarna massif


A common sight on the route


On our way to fetch water from the river


Fetching the water from a very deep hole in the ice


Day 4: Vålåstugorna - Lunndörrsstugan


One of the Vålåstugorna huts


As I was going to take a photo of Lena's retro backpack,
Alex (Tove's and Sandra's dog) came and peed on it :)






Taking off our clothes. The weather was sunny and warm every day.


Soon we arrived at Lunndörrsstugan, where we relaxed in the sauna.


Day 5: Lunndörrsstugan - Vålådalen


This day we crossed the forests of Vålådalen nature reserver.


Our cabin in Vålådalen. Very old and cosy.


Sauna and outdoor bathtubs, the perfect ending :)