One day in August, 2014

A hike in one of the most spectacular valleys of the "Abisko Alps" in northern Lapland.

We parked our car and walked 0.5km up to the Låktatjåkko railway station.
From there the path continued up towards the entry of the valley.


One of the last birch trees before we crossed the tree border.




Finally, the entry of the valley


Wow... we are just speachless...


If you are looking for somewhere to shoot the next
"Lord of the rings" movie, then this is the place


Grandfather Micke is making Finn laugh


First view of the lake at the end of the valley


Trollsjön ("the troll lake")


The water is famous for being clear. The visibility is at least
35 meters, which is the maximum depth of the lake...


Walking back out of of the valley


"Lämmel" (is it "lemming" in English?)


I was just 20 cm away with the camera...


In Swedish this bird is called "labb"...
We also saw "fjällvråk" (a bird of prey) and
some sort of eagle high up in the sky.


"Granater" is a type of jewel that is common on the rocks here