8th of December, 2012

We did this day hike with Benjamin and Eva, while visiting them in Frankfurt. We walked a small section (15 km) of the Rheinsteig hiking trail that goes above the valley of the river Rhein. Forest, vinyards, castles, nice villages... An we picked a perfect winter day of snow and sun!

We took the train from Frankfurt to the village Lorch, where we started the hike.
















A castle above a colorful village




Lorch visible on the right side of the river. Vinyards in the foreground.


Four castles so near each other! Actually there was a fifth just outside
the photo to the left, and then another two visible further south...


The fifth castle




Endless vinyards


Here you can buy wine and drink it while enjoying the view


The wine "shop"


Castle number six.

Here we descended to the village Assmanhausen where we finished the hike.


We took the train one stop to Rüdesheim, where we enjoyed the christmas atmosphere.


Our dutch friends Alfons & Wieke couldn't join us,
but we honored them with two dutch waffles.


Next day we did more hiking, but this time in a city: Frankfurt am Mein






We visited several cool bars and cafés.

Thanks for showing us around Benjamin & Eva, we had a great time! :)