Nyz Zeeland
7 days in January, 2011

A very nice trek in Mount Aspiring national park, not far from Queenstown on the South Island.

Day 1: to Kea Basin


From the bus ride


Wading the river, Mount Earnslaw in the background


Nice waterfalls below Mount Earnslaw


The old Earnslaw Hut.

We reached Kea basin and pitched our tent.

Day 2: Daytrip from Kea Basin

Woke up with a nice view


Breakfast at Kea basin


We walked up the slopes of Mount Earnslaw, until too much snow made the path unsafe.




The red circle is the location of our tent.
The Rees valley in the background is where we walked the day before.


Day 3: Kea Basin to Rees Hut


Preparing for wading again


Day 4: Rees Hut  to Dart Hut


The uppermost part of Rees valley


The upper part of Dart valley






Glacier with a waterfall


Day 5: Daytrip to Cascade Saddle


There were plenty of Keas below the pass,
and some of them came pretty close to us.


The foot of the Dart Glacier.
It looks like rocks, but it is ice covered by dirt and gravel.


Dart Glacier


The amazing view from Cascade Saddle


Day 6-7


During the following two days we walked down the Dart valley,
and camped on two meadows near the river.




We were tormented by millions of sandflies at our campsites.


Anti-sandfly suit