The Lycian Way

3-9 of March, 2013

Hiking along the coast of the Lycian peninsula, just west of Antalya. Mountains, forests, roman ruins, beaches, camping in the wild as well as staying at hostels with good food.

Bo fixed us up with a ride from the Antalya airport
to the village of Karaöz, and then a few km on a small
forest road to Korsankoy, where we camped.


Day 1: Korsankoy - Lighthouse - campsite


The Korsankoy peninsula.
Note the snow-capped mountains in the background :)


The lighthouse


Great views


Steep coast



Day 2: Campsite - Adrasan - Campsite


View from the campsite during sunrise


Perfect weather, superb views, great hiking...




A glimse of Adrasan village


Wild tulip




Lunch in Adrasan


Freshly squeezed pomegrenade juice!


The beach in Adrasan.


We got a ride by a local farmer across the stream :)




Lena found another turtle




Bo brought a pretty cool stove, the Kelly Kettle.
It's heated by burning twigs, and brings water to boil really fast.


Day 3: Campsite - Olympos


This day we walked through a narrow, forrested valley.
It was quite hot, so we took a bath in this natural bathtub :)


On top of a ridge with nice views.
Here we got our very first view of Mount Olympus,
a snow-capped pointy mountain in the distance that
we would see more of in the coming days...


"Iris" in Swedish...


"Anemoner" in Swedish...


More "anemoner"


Sören switching socks


After passing through an area devastated by forest fires,
we descended through this lush forest.


A branch of a "strawberry tree".


The ruin of the roman temple in Olympus


A roman grave in Olympus.

We visited Olympus again the next day,
so the following photos are from then,
but I put them here anyway:


Another grave


The roman baths


This night we stayed in a lodge in Olympus (the Sheriff pension)


Orange trees between the huts.


Superb food!


Day 4: Ulupinar - Olympus

We took a taxi up to Ulupinar, and from there we walked back to Olympus.
A relaxing day without backpack :)


View of the impressive Mount Olympus from Ulupinar village


We waded across a river and then ascended
on this small path up through a gorge.


View towards Mount Olympus.
In the other direction we saw the sea.


The whole group: Bo, Lena, Ingrid, Sören, Sara, Lena, Mats


Just below the pass were these naturally burning
gas flames, called "the upper flames of Olympus"


Descending again. The beach in the background belongs to Cirali village.


The lower flames of Olympus.
These were a lot more impressive than the upper flames.
Half a meter high flames, spread out here an there
on an area the size almost of a football field.



This guy got stock trying to drive across the stream in Cirali village.
We tried to help him but failed. A tractor came to pull him out in the end.


The beach in Cirali


The beach in Cirali



Day 5: Olympus - Cirali - Chrome beach

The beginning of this day was superb, with a nice path and great views until the mine. From there on a road has been constructed, so the path is gone and you must walk on the wide muddy road, surrounded by eroded slopes. The views are still good, but it's not really good hiking. The road continues all the way until Tekirova.

No problem to find accommodation in Cirali...


Cirali village.


Snow-capped mount Olympus, forest, cliffs and a secluded beach... nice!




Here we found an old machine from the mines, made in Sweden




Barbecuing marshmallows on Chrome beach, where we camped.


Day 6: Chrome beach - Tekirova - Sundance camp


More road-walking until we reached a huge hotel complex in Tekirova.
It had its own zoo, shopping street and space for 2000 guests...

We then walked on a road to Tekirova center where we had lunch.
Then Bo and Lena took a taxi back to their home in Alanya :´(

From Tekirova the trail was again a nice path.


We walked through the forest and reached the Sundance Camp,
a superb utopian camp with an isolated location in nature, with its own
beach and serving excellent food (organic, and partly self-produced).
We stayed in cosy huts. The one from the photo is where Lena, Sara, Ingrid slept.


Day 7: Sundance camp - Phaselis - Camyuva


The beach near the Sundance Camp.


The beach near the Sundance Camp.




Roman ruins at Phaselis.
Note the Mount Olympus in the background :)






This turtle was the very last thing we saw before reaching some
fenced hotel complex in Camyuva. We had to walk around the hotel
along the fence, and reach a road where we took a bus to Antalya.