Kareri Lake

3 days in October, 2010

A short trek with Shalabh (trekhimachal.com) to the beautiful Kareri lake in the Dauladhar mountains of the Himachal Pradesh Himalayas.

Day 1: Ghera village - Kareri village - campsite


A rickety bridge between Ghera and Kareri villages


The forest was sometimes dry and dominated by oak trees.
But in this place, where the valley was narrow and moist, the forest was like a lush rainforest.


Cooking on the fire at the campsite


"Bread on a stick"


The view from our campsite.
The valley was full of enormous boulders.


Day 2: Campsite - Kareri lake


There are many rock-shelters in this area, where the shepherds stay sometimes.


One of many, many vultures.
The valley was packed with them.


A large rock that looked like a face, next to a clear stream


Happy to be in such a beautiful place


Shalabh, Sara & Mats


Walking up along the stream, surrounded by boulders and oaks


Shalabh has climbed the ridge from this side. Looks pretty difficult... But we will come back some day to try it!


And there it is, Kareri lake!
We camped near the temple, with this nice view of the snow-capped Dauladar ridge reflected in the lake.


Shepherd's houses near the lake




Day 3: Kareri lake - Ghera village




In the morning we did a little sidetrip up to the pass visible in the background.


At some places we crawled through rodedendron bushes before we reached the snowy pass. Due to back-light I didn't get any photo of the view towards the east, but the view there was great with the steep Dauladhar ridge. We must return some day to explore this area more!


Walking back down to the lake.
We then made the long descent back to Ghera village.


Some edible berries that grew on trees. Very tasty :)


Ghera village, where we drank tea and ate snacks while waiting for the taxi to pick us up.


Last view of the Dauladhar mountains!