Sylarna, Helags
& Vålådalen

25th of July - 3rd of August, 2012

A hike in the southern part of the Swedish mountains.

Day 1: Enafors - Snasahögarna - Ulvåtjärn shelter


Reindeers on Snasahögarna


Day 2: Ulvåtjärn shelter - Sylarna hut


Camping above the Sylarna hut, with a view of the Sylarna massif


Day 3: Climbing Sylarna


Climbing Sylarna


The highest peak Storsylen 1762 m


A lake below the peak


The black dots are a group of reindeers.
They gather on the snow to escape the mosquitos.


The Ekorrdörren shelter


Day 4: Ekorrdörren - Helags hut




Probably killed by a predator, perhaps a wolverine (järv) or bear.


Protected from rain and mosquitos


Day 5: Climbing Helags


Climbing the Helags peak (1797 m)


The Helags glacier is the southernmost located glacier in Sweden.


At the Helags peak (1797 m)


View of the glacier and the nice peak


Colorful lichen on the rocks


We walked into a lake district towards the
Ljungan shelter and camped next to a lake.


Day 6: Ljungan - Vålåstugorna huts




Day 7: Vålåstugorna huts - Lunndörrsstugorna huts


View from our campsite into the Vålådalen valley of virgin forests


View from the sauna at the hut


Day 8: Lunndörrsstugorna huts - Issjön


At this place ancient glaciers had created this incredibly beautiful valley.


"The Pyramids"


The hut was an old hunting cabin belonging to some Swedish king.
The lake behind it had crystal clear waters, very beautiful!


We camped and made a fire above the lake.


Day 9: Issjön - Blanktjärnarna


A typical sami teepee (kåta)


Hut used by reindeer herders


Sami houses at Grönvallen


Traditional architecture


There were plenty of tasty cloudberries in the swamps


First view of a lake belonging to the Östra Blanktjänarna lakes


Incredibly clear water with a turquoise colour.








The red sunset combined with the turquoise water - surreal!




Day 10: Blanktjärnarna - Vålådalen

A short 6 km walk back to Vålådalen where we finished the hike.