Sweden (northern Lapland)
August, 2014

A few day-hikes we did in Björkliden.


Our hut in Björkliden


View from our hut.

Torneträsk is a huge lake, 70 km long, 800 meters deep(!) and surrounded by mountains.

Lapporten ("the gate to Lapland") is the perfect U-shaped valley in the distance to the right.


View from our hut after a thunderstorm


View from our hut after a thunderstorm,
in the middle of the night




Clouds crawling over the mountains
on the opposite side of the lake



"Silverfallet" waterfall
This nice waterfall is situated near the shore of
Torneträsk lake, directly below the Björkliden resort.



Torneträsk lake seen from
the bridge above the waterfall


The beach of Torne träsk lake


Kratersjön ("crater lake") &
the railway worker's cemetary
A nice little circuit hike of about 8 km


Our first stop was this little cabin, which is an unstaffed café with superb views. I would like to return in winter, so sit here and drink coffee while watching the Aurora Borealis :)


Just leave money in the jar :)


Badsjön, a lake with an outdoor hot tub.
A good place for a swim :)


A nice thing about Björkliden is that you are above the forest immediately.
You can reach superb, alpine, arctic mountain nature withou effort.


"Odon" berries, very tasty


Easy walking


Cloudberries, a real delicacy.


Candy for Finn :)


A shelter next to the "crater lake"


Nice clear water


Finn is making his first alpine hike :)


Walking on interesting rocks


An old hiknig sign where all the text had faded away...


The cemetary of the railway workers.
We walked back along Rallarvägen ("the road of the railway workers")


Climbing Njulla peak
The Njulla peak is about 1150 meters high or so,
and rises more than 800 meters above the Torneträsk lake.
The view from there is superb, though the visibility was quite
poor when we climbed it, unfortunately.


The first time Finn is climbing a proper peak :)


View to the east from the peak


A friendly landscape up here


Descending along winter markings


A sami hut


Nice waterfall


We suddenly found ourselves walking in a thunderstorm,
but Finn was kept dry under the raincover.


"Syndafallet" waterfall


The nature immediately above Björkliden resort.


We made a small barbeque here


Showing Finn the local fauna


The classic "bread on a stick"


Syndafallet waterfall


Finn really enjoys sitting on the back :)




Syndafallet waterfall from above


Syndafallet waterfall from above


A swim in "badsjön" lake