Amalfi coast

19-23 October, 2015

Day hikes along the Amalfi coast, between Maiori and Positano. A romantic and spectacular area with excellent hiking. We stayed in a house above the village of Minori.


Day 1. Minori - Ravello - Atrani


We rented this house at the "Il Campanile" agrotourism.
The house wasn't accessible by car, which is common in this area.


The view from the campsite terrace near our house.
The town below is Minori and up on the hill lies Ravello.


The walk down from our house to Minori along a staircase passed this 11th century tower.


Stairs dominate the trails around the villages, usually next to walls or lemon groves.


At the Minori beach. Our house was half-way up on the ridge to the right.


Minori beach


The streets in these towns are often very narrow and sometimes tunnels.


The path towards Ravello passed several churches.


Getting close to Torello, a tiny village below Ravello.




The path passing another old church




Having a coffee on the main square in Ravello


Ravello main square again


Ravello was expensive and fancy, with many five star hotels.
It was more green than the other towns we visited, and many
houses looked like palaces.


View towards Pontone village (and Pogerola further away in the distance)
shortly before the Villa Cimbrone


Villa Cimbrone


View from the terrace in the villa garden


Descending from Ravello


We found a small path through chestnut groves.




Entering the Drogone valley


Reaching Atrani town


Plenty of caves in the area


Atrani was perhaps the most exotic town, like a pirate's nest.
The streets were very narrow, often tunnels.


The main square in Atrani. The street to the left is probably the largest "road" in the village :)


The church in Atrani, seen from the bus stop


One last view of the packed town of Atrani


Day 2. Minori - Maiori


A bit of a rainy day. Instead of doing a longer hike, we just walked to the neighboring town of Maiori.
This was a pleasant route, very easy to walk with almost no elevation difference.


Minori from above


View into the Sambuco valley behind Minori




View of Maiori


We found a very good trattoria in Maiori


Finn enjoyed the playground while waiting for the bus.
Most places that sold bus tickets were closed. The only open place we found was out of tickets. So we took a chance and jumped on the bus without any ticket, since it was a short ride. Luckily we wasn't checked :)


Day 3: Mullini valley


We took the bus to Amalfi town, probably the most beautiful of the ones we visited.


We started ascending towards Pontone village.


Amalfi is really squeezed in between steep mountains and the sea.


View towards Amalfi from Pontone village.


In the outskirts of Pontone village


Entering the Ferriere valley


A surprisingly wild landscape in front of us


Starting to descend into the valley floor


We reached the valley floor at this ruin of an old mill.
Behind the mill was a couple of nice waterfalls.



We followd the stream back to Amalfi, passing several small waterfalls




We passed several ruins of old paper mills

Day 4: Sambuco valley
Pretty bad weather this day. Instead of doing the high walk around the Ferriere valley, we decided on the Sambuco valley. The latter route started at our house, so we could just as well give it a try in spite of the bad weather.

Through chestnut woods


It was really chestnut season :)




Here we saw a shepherd and his dogs came barking at us.


"Cyklamen" flowers


View of the valley from Sambuco village.
This felt like a genuine farming village, far from the tourist crowds of the coast.


Finn walked for about 90 minutes this day


Everything is interesting to investigate


Old mill ruins were plenty in this valley too.



Day 5: The path of the Gods


We saved the best for last, and the weather was finally sunny.
This is by far the most popular and famous trail on the Amalfi coast.
And rightly so, because the views were the best we saw on the entire trip.


Descending from the Agerola plateu


Centuries old rock dwellings


An interesting rock pillar, split at the top


Houses above the rock walls that were full of caves


Finn playing with rocks


After Colle della sera, we reached this fountain and suddenly
the classic view of the coastline opened up for us.


These views are why "The path of the Gods" is so famous


Having a snack break


Getting a bit too steep on the side of the path to let Finn walk by himself :)


Another rock dwelling


First view of Positano town


Positano is built on an incredibly steep slope :)


First view of Nocelle village, the goal of the hike


Getting close to Nocelle


View back to where we came from


Finally reaching Nocelle


A pretty nice roof terrace in Nocelle :)

We took a bus down to Positano from here.