The city where I live, situated in the very south of Sweden just across the water from Copenhagen.

Pictures from the following parts of the city:

  • Möllevången

  • Västra Hamnen

  • and more to come...

This is the part of the city that I live in. The core of the area is the Möllevångstorget square, surrounded by small streets with a good selection of pubs, clubs and small ethnic shops. Mainly young people and immigrants live here.

Pubs on the square.


Bikes everywhere...


Lots of color...




Lots of different religions...
More than 130 languages are spoken here.



Iranian shop with both groceries, bakery, music, exchange office, etc...

Thai shop with an elegant solution for protecting the fruit from the sun.




Sweets and pastries from the Middle East


"Baghdad Shop"


Bosnian supermarket




An almost exact copy of the more famous exchange office "Forex" :)


In the underground of my house is this "Polish Market" where most of the sellers are from Poland.


Fruit market on the square























Västra Hamnen
The Western Harbour is a modern area at the seaside. Lots of interesting architecture and an extremely nice place to spend a sunny day, and watch the sun set over the ocean.

Grassy fields between the "Ribban" beach and the western harbour.



"Turning Torso" is one of Malmö's most famous buildings. It's the 2nd tallest apartment building in Europe (190 m).


"European village" consist of ecological houses designed by architects from different countries in Europe.

Not much privacy here...



Sunset over Copenhagen