18th-21st of May, 2012

A nostalgic hike, following the same route as I walked in 2001, but this time with the addition to cross the Bedeleu plateu to Rimetea village. We brought our mothers on this hike.



We started at the Rimet monastery,


It was raining, so unfortunately we missed all the long views of Fata Pietrii village, but we did get to see plenty of nice motzi houses in the fog.


A house in Dealul Geoagiului village.


Traditional bee hive.


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View of Cheile Rimet canyon and the Bradesti valley.


Walking across the slippery log was quite scary...








The little building on the bottom left is a small-scale hydroelectric power station.


After the beech forest we reached Bradesti village.
There we bought chocolate and coffee in the tiny village shop.


In the valley of Valea Poienii there was plenty of nice old farms.






First view of Vinatara.
Still some patches of snow on the higher mountains in the background




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View towards Sub Piatra monastery.


The Huda Lui Papara cave, from which a large stream exits.
The cave is a couple of kilometers deep, but unfortunately
the bridge at the entrance had collapsed so we couldn't enter.


The 18th century wooden church at Sub Piatra monastery.






Setting camp near Sipote waterfall.


The Sipote waterfall






It rained during the night, and in the morning mists covered the landscape.
Fortunately, it soon cleared up and the rest of the day was warm and sunny.






View of the Aries valley


The tough route we climbed from Sipote up to Poarta Zmeilor.


Poarta Zmeilor natural rock arch.
There was a nice little cave near it as well.


On the meadows of the Bedeleu plateu.
This little "tent" belonged to a sheppherd. It was surrounded by thorny bushes, perhaps as a protection from wild animals (there are bears in the area). It reminded me of the Masai people in Tanzania, who protected their homes from lions in the same way.


Our mothers taking a rest before entering Cheile Silosului.


A small waterfall in the Silos valley.




A medieval castle ruin, with the Piatra Secului rock
in the background and Coltesti village to the right.



We hitch-hiked from here to the next village, Rimetea.


Rimetea and the Piatra Secului rock in the background.


The green house to the left had a watermill.
The woman in the house showed us around her house for a small fee.


The mill was still working.


Her husband used this for iron works.




Rimetea has plenty of nice 19th century houses.
It was rich back then thanks to mining.


A restaurant.


We stayed in this house. Private rooms, nice & clean, 8 euro/person.


A shop in the village.