Breite & Sighisoara

2nd of May, 2017

Breite is the name of a nature reserve which can be described as a savannah of meadows and huge oak trees. There are hundreds of oaks, many of them several hundred years old. These meadows cover the top of a long ridge, surrounded by steep beech forests. Breite is located just outside the town Sighisoara, a beutiful town that is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world.

We stayed at the house of a man called Sotiris.
Here he welcomes us with a Ouzu in his garden.

Sotiris parents were partisans during WW2,
but when the communists lost the Greek civil war
they fled to Hungary and Poland, and eventually ended
up in Romania, where they met and married.
Sotiris himself grew up among the Greek diaspora
and always considered himself to be Greek,
even though he was quite old when he first visited Greece.
He ran a taverna in Hamburg, before buying his dreamhouse
in the outskirts of Sighisoara. A quirky house
with a huge, wonderful garden with a very nice view
of the towers and hills of the Sighisoara citadell in the distance.


There were dogs, cats, chicken, goats and
a neighbor's horse, much appreciated by the kids.


My mother enjoying breakfast coffee on the terrace.


Ping-pong in Sotiris garden.


The clock tower of Sighsisoara.


A house with a deer. This house is owned by Prince Charles.
Sotiris told us that the Brittish prince has some Romanian royal forefather.


Another view from central Sighisoara.


Two of the many towers along the medival fortification wall.


Resting in a sofa, pulled by a horse.
A typical Romanian view :)


Time to hike!
Sotiris gave me and Ingmar a ride out of Sighisoara.
He left us at the trail head by the road, and we
started our ascent through the beech forest.


The path crossed this nice meadow, and then entered the forest again.


Soon we reached the oak-savannah of Breite.




Grey-headed woodpecker (link in Swedish).


Breite must be a paradise for insects, with
so many oaks in various states of decay.



Breite landscape


Time to leave Breite, and return to the forest.


The descent was a nice path through beech forest, passing
a couple of clearings with views of the suburbs of Sighisoara. The trail reches the southern outskirts of the town, and we walked all they way back to Sotiris house.