Balea Lake in Fagaras

July 2018 (4 days)

Fagaras is the highest mountain massif in Romania. Most of it is wild and inaccessible, but one exeption is the Balea lake, where you find a couple of mountain huts that can be reached by road or gondola lift.

Walking around the Balea Lake

The Cabana Balea Lac, where we stayed.


The terrace of the restaurant would have offered exceptional tranquility with the sound of a distant waterfall, if the restaurant hadn't played loud music all of the time...


Sheep above the waterfall


The kids getting ready for hiking


Balea Lac from above


Hut belonging to the Mountain Rescue Service, built onto a large boulder


Climbing the ridge (300 m elevation difference) and descending
to the Caltun lake. Return the same way. A real challenge for Finn!


Ascending above the Balea lake. Our hut is the one to the right on the lake.


Watching a shepherd


The shepherd's dogs came begging
for snacks, but behaved nicely


The sheep descended to the Caltun lake. So did we...


Suddenly the sun came out and rewarded us with this great view of Caltun lake


Walking down the steep path was even harder than walking up.
But even more fun according to Finn, who really enjoyed walking here.


Stay away from the edge!


A short walk west of Balea Lac.


Poor visibility this day, and a boy that was a bit tired of walking.


The Transfagarasean road


Plenty of nice flowers






Going back to Sibiu by four different means of transport.


First we took the gondola lift down to Balea Cascada.
The kids really loved going in the lift!




See the red bus down to the left? It belonged to a hungover group of colleagues from Bucarest on a teambuilding trip. They gave us a ride down to the nearest village.


Arpasu village. Nice to see a stork on the telephone pole.
But how do we get to the train station from here?


A roma family came in this horse and cart. The women wore traditional clothing.
I asked them "taxi gara?" (gara = trainstation) and the man said "Da!"
So his family left the cart, and then he took us down to the train station.
It was a superb experience, and very exciting for the kids :)


Our fourth means of transport was by train. Not the one seen on this photo though :)


Sibiu town is very beautiful and full of nice restaurants