Opasni Zub

14-15 of May, 2010

Back in Sofia, we felt like doing a small hike and after som googling we found this little route. The next day we took the bus to Teteven, without really knowing much about the route. It turned out to be quite nice, in particular the charming shelter of Opasni Zub ("the dangerous tooth"), where we spent the night.



Teteven bus station.
The red circle marks the cool location of the Opasni Zub shelter (710 m)
The peak at the top left is Petrahilya (1150 m).


The southern face of Petrahilya.
2 hours later we would be on the top of those rocks.


The path mainly passed through nice beech forest.


The peak of Petrahilya with a view of Teteven.
In the far distance we could see the snow-capped peaks
from the main ridge of Stara Planina.


After a short scramble we found the shelter on the very
edge of the narrow rocky ridge - a very cool location.


The view to the north was this impressive rock-wall.


Nice shapes of the hills

We really looked forward to sleeping here, bus as soon as
darkness came, so did the mice. We could hear them crawling
in the walls and on the roof, and just hoped they wouldn't enter
the house. Well, they didn't, so we got a good night's sleep :)


View from the bus in some village. A wedding celebration?