Matka canyon

3rd-4th of October, 2010

Just outside Skopje lies this fantastic canyon. It is the most developed place for climbing in Macedonia. Hidden among the rocks are several ancient monasteries that you can hike to.



The entrance to the Matka canyon


The dam at the beginning of the canyon.
From here on you must walk.


The Matka lake


Nice layers on the rocks.
We walked up the forest to the Sv. Nikola monastery, which lies hidden there on the small pass.


A view of the restaurant at Matka lake


Flowers in the forest


The medieval church of Sv. Nikola.
To the left are rocks where people were climbing.


We camped here. It was a tranquil, beautiful spot.
To the left in the background you can see the forest-covered mountains that gave the place a feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness.


Frescoes inside the church.


Sadly it was covered by "graffiti" from visitors.
Some of them were old, we found one from 1881.


We walked out on the rocks to get this view into the Matka canyon.


The view down to the restaurant at Matka lake.


Benjamin & Eva enjoying the view


Dinner at the little house behind the church